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About me:

It really is a simple story!

I have always loved dogs. Growing up I always had dogs in my life. For me the English Golden Retriever is the perfect dog and this breed stole my heart the first time I have ever laid eyes on one. At that moment I knew: once I have the room and the time for an English Golden, I will own one!

Well, as you can see now ~ we have more than one :). And I just love them!

Not only do I love the way the look. Its just their personality :). They are such smart, loving, affectionate, goofy, silly and cuddly dogs. They are amazing with kids and other animals ~ they are truly Loving Hearts Wrapped in Fur. Words can not describe how proud I am of my dogs!

My family and I are living in Colorado on a 40 acre ranch, where everybody can run, play and enjoy life. For us its paradise here. And with “us” I mean our furry kids and us humans.

My wish for my puppies is a loving forever home with families who have the same love for my English Golden’s as we do here.

If you have any questions, please send us an email or contact us. I am more than happy to answer them for you. I am looking forward hearing from you.


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