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We are happy! Sadie had her puppies on August 6th. 5 girls and 5 boys. Everybody is healthy and just as happy as we are :). We will update pictures every week!  If you are interested in one of our pups, please send us an email.  


Carly ~ my German girl! Born in October 2012 and boy is she the leader of the gang! Carly is our athletic girl all the way around. She can run, run, run and she will do this all day long! She was our first English Golden Retriever and she is our oldest. We call her […]


Blue ~ This cuteness was born in Europe and of course he has excellent bloodlines as well! Blue is our prancer and I could watch him move all day! This boy has such a nice personality , he loves to cuddle and roll up by your feet. Oh, he is the one that will lick […]


Sadie ~ I saw this beautiful girl and it was love at first sight. She is simply beautiful! Sadie also was imported from Europe. It was always my dream to have a dog in my breeding program that has the bloodlines Sadie has. Never did I meet a puppy that was so easy going and […]


Monroe ~ Oh my Mo-Mo girl <3. We imported her form Europe and she is such a joy! She is our biggest girl and built very stout. Her bloodlines are amazing. Monroe LOVES the water. If she sees a puddle of water or the swimming pool Monroe will be the first one laying right in […]