Carly ~

my German girl!

Born in October 2012 and boy is she the leader of the gang! Carly is our athletic girl all the way around. She can run, run, run and she will do this all day long! She was our first English Golden Retriever and she is our oldest.

We call her “Carlie-sele” most of the time. This girl always has something up her sleeve and the best thing….she loves to drag the crew with her :).

We recently got a K-9 Kannon to shoot tennis balls for the dogs. This is one of the things Carly loves to do. She will do this for hours. Of course…. its something sporty and if you look up “sporty” in the dictionary, Carly’s picture is right beside it!

Belly rubs are the best thing in the world in her eyes and yes, for that she will stop chasing the ball. And that means a lot for Carly :). Just like Monroe, Carly loves the water and these 2 girls are best buddies. Seeing them play together (even with personalities like day and night)is the cutest thing.

Carly is on the quiet side but she is very attentive and very aware what is going on around her. She loves car rides and being the co-pilot. She enjoys being around her humans as well.

I wish I had some of her energy :). Carly is our sweet pea!

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