Monroe ~

Oh my Mo-Mo girl <3. We imported her form Europe and she is such a joy! She is our biggest girl and built very stout. Her bloodlines are amazing.

Monroe LOVES the water. If she sees a puddle of water or the swimming pool Monroe will be the first one laying right in it. Either clean water or mud water… she does not care! She enjoys it either way :).

Oh, did I tell you that she is our “tap dancing girl”? It makes me laugh every time I see this. When she is excited her feet move just like a tap dance. And since she is this big girl this is really funny to watch. I need to film this for you to see.

This girl is very vocal (just like myself and Sadie). She will make sure she will get your attention by “talking” to you. Monroe loves to snuggle and spend time with her people. I believe she thinks she is the size of a lap dog.

I will never forget…. When she arrived at the airport in Denver, I opened the crate. She came right up to me, her tail did not stop wagging and right there she snuggled up to me and licked my face. This girl has a heart of goldĀ  and we all just love her!

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