Sadie ~

I saw this beautiful girl and it was love at first sight. She is simply beautiful!

Sadie also was imported from Europe. It was always my dream to have a dog in my breeding program that has the bloodlines Sadie has.

Never did I meet a puppy that was so easy going and just perfect. Sadie will just sit with you, cuddle and just be with her humans. It took her about a week to warm up to us when she came¬† – and now she will not leave my side. Sadie is a “talker” and she is a very loud talker :). If the boys do not do what she wants them to do ~ wooohooo! She has a good handle on them in a good way!

If her name would not be Sadie, it would be MELLOW-MarshMELLOW.  Thats how mellow she is :).

Sadie-babe (as we all call her very often) is my dream come true!

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